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My Teaching method caters for ages 18+: One-to-One & Group Sessions. Interdisciplinary Art Forms. Developing Creative Ideas. Planning & Development. Execution. Outcomes. Click the video below to learn more.

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20 Years On

Take a look at four exceptional former students share their journey 20 years on about the KYPA experience.

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Stephanie Levi-John
Stephanie unveils her experience on the KYPA experience..

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Laurence Hiller
Laurence sits down to describes his KYPA journey..

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Quincy Roberts
Quincy recounts his experience on the KYPA experience..

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Daniel Johnson
Daniel was the very first candidate back in 2004. Here he shares his KYPA experience..

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The Khameloids. Here. There And Everywhere

Experience behind the scenes with The Khameloids and the process of their project from start to finish.

Audio samples

Have a listen to some various compositions by the members of The Khameloids. These samples demonstrates: Musical Creative Ideas. Planning & Development. Interdisciplinary Art Forms. Teamwork. Performance. Group work and solo work. Execution.

This solo piece – Acapella by Stephanie Levi-John takes advantage of the Planning & Development and the space for personal artistic development.

This composition by Laurence Hiller demonstrates the use of layered interdisciplinary art forms combined with Creative Ideas.

This instrumental is a collaborative effort by Gary Thomas KYPA & Daniel Johnson and exhibits: Creative Ideas, Planning & Development. Interdisciplinary Art Forms. Execution (solo)

This Jazz-fused orientated composition by Daniel Johnson with a featured solo by Conrad Clayden, signifies Execution.

Gary Thomas KYPA. Photographer to the Stars

Tony Cochrane (Represents and publishes The Grammy Awards booklet)

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  • Ex-Pupil Rahim Chowdhury

    (formerly known as MC Ric from Y.E.S)

    "Definition of a Supply Teacher -Very chilled. Not a serious lesson. A free period to mess about.

    With Gary it was not so! Already Gary had a positive presence before we came to St Pauls Way and during our time at school we continued to see and experience the utmost respect from many different year groups that ordinary supply teachers would not have received.

    Gary connected with a wide range of different students and their personalities. His engagement was not only in the classroom; and as the Y.E.S spokesperson, I can say wholeheartedly that we thoroughly enjoyed making the Highs & Lows and Get With Me project.

    Gary gave us the best guidance a teacher could give throughout the entire process. And to mark this special occasion, 2021 celebrates 10 years ago when we all came together to accomplish one of the most memorable achievements we have in our lives to look back on and we are forever grateful."

  • Muktadeer Hassan (MEng), 28

    "Moments of inspiration are either hard to manifest, or difficult to find. I first met Gary as a student, at a time when our school was going through a rough period, surrounded by gang violence and an ongoing knife-crime epidemic, remaining focused or motivated on education and learning may have proved to be difficult. Gary had been assigned to cover a Design & Technology teacher. This was a class that students came to have fun, or just did not take it seriously at all. Gary had assigned us a task to be completed, a piece of artwork. I went home, completed it, and returned to Gary on the next lesson.

    I remember walking away as I had returned it, and Gary had told me that this was an excellent piece of work. It was at that moment in time I had realised, this was the first proper honour I had ever received for any piece of work I had produced. I embraced this moment, as it hit me unexpectedly, as I did not realise that I may have had a creative element to my skillset, and as the compliment had come from a creative source itself. This was respect. As time went on, I took the Arts more seriously, with more respect, and subconsciously put in more effort in every creative task, especially Art & Design.

    By the time I had finished school, my old Arts teacher had told me she had collected all my scraps and every piece of artwork I had done, some I had no memory of completing! It was then I realised the very trigger for this moment was Gary’s honouring of my artwork, a very pivotal moment that I did not know I needed and have carried on into my future. This moment definitely made me realise that I was capable of more, and that with more effort, you become more capable and needing to learn more! I have now completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, and currently working in FinTech. Moments of inspiration are either hard to manifest, or difficult to find, but the source can be standing in front of you, and this source was Gary!."


  • Daniel Johnson

    Ex-Pupil/Drummer for The Anomalies, Band Leader/Drummer for The Anomalites & The Khameloids

    "The Khameloids holds a fond place in my heart. I actually thought about all that stuff the other day. I had a fantastic time and it gave us youths something positive to do. Also instilled hard work and dedication within us. That’s thanks to you..So thank you Gary. Yes. I achieved a 2:1 (BA Hons) at Sussex University for Drama and Film."

  • Frankie Lee Peterson III

    Fleedance, Choreographer & Dancer

    "Gary Thomas KYPA is truly a brilliant visual artist, photographer & artistic influencer. For me he has help me recognise the importance of process with my own artwork and how my relationships & research material can influence my final product. I’m thankful for his international online teaching and artistic exchange."

  • Rob Juritz

    Former Head of Music Department/Professional Musician

    "I worked with Gary from Sep 2006 till July 2009 at St Paul's Way Community School. He became a vital part of the music team, especially with his "Jammin with Mr Thomas" music sessions that used to happen during lunchtimes. The sessions were extremely popular with both boys and girls. We covered a wide range of music, from jazz, jazz funk, soul, blues, rap, pop, free improvisation and original compositions.

    They also lead to students choosing music as an option along with helping with their coursework. It was also a great way of generating additional music that we were able to use in the very successful school concerts.

    The students loved Gary's enthusiasm for music which he certainly managed to pass on to them, leaving them with long lasting positive experiences along with a life long love of music."

  • Sandra Chia

    SEN Teacher/Parent

    "Y.E.S was an exciting project where me and my 10 year old daughter and young people collaborated to create and record music songs. We gained first-hand experience of being in a studio and collectively worked with a multi-disciplined and culturally diverse team of people including students and musicians.

    As a parent/teacher I was very happy for my young daughter to express herself creatively in a safe environment where health and safeguarding measures were effectively put in place. Gary executed the project professionally and I was well informed of the itinerary and expectations and was very impressed with the finished product."

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