How I help:
Project Initiation. Project Assessment. Planning & Development. Execution. Outcomes. 

Case Studies


Spotlight, are a creative youth venue in the East End of London. My job was to help test and transform its newly furbished main hall with fitted modern facilities offering it up as a music venue. I hired Hot Orange Big Band to entertain users, staff, guests, volunteers and management for their end of year celebration.  

John Saunderson: 

John Saunderson is a No1 Hitmaker. My job was to promote his image profile, his popular event and signings into big news – his image has been published on the BBC World Service, Music Week, various music organisation websites and for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Dionne Warwick 10th Anniversary: 

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick performs at Royal Albert Hall. Hired on the spot – My job was to make the occasion special promoting Dionne and her granddaughter (duet partner), and venue for an exclusive publication. They were featured alongside Nile Rodgers, and Rod Stewart in Music Week. 

Stephen Duffy: 

BMG UK record label artist Stephen Duffy held a private Q&A at The Groucho Club in London’s busy Soho with guests and management. My job was to turn the event into a pre-launch press release for his upcoming album. This was published in Music Week magazine.  

Rob Hallett:  

Rob Hallett is a legendary music industry icon – I re-designed his image profile making it accessible for cooperate purposes and for  press release. Rob’s image made big news in the front pages of Music Week, Audience UK, IQ Magazine, Live UK. 

The Y.E.S Project: 

Young Entertaining Stars were a teenage Asian Rap group – My job was to recreate a multi-disciplined, culturally diverse range of activities, guide and manage their sound, image and production. They produced two singles and received radio airplay.

Gary Thomas KYPA. Photographer to the Stars

Tony Cochrane (Represents and publishes The Grammy Awards booklet)

Featured Projects


  • Stephanie Levi-John

    (Actor, The Spanish Princess, Golden Globes, Songwriter, Lead Singer for The Khameloids)

    “Working with Gary was truly a blessing! He gave me the opportunity to explore and develop my creativity without any boundaries, nurtured my talent and believed in me from the very beginning. Recording in a studio for the first time at such a young age under the mentorship of Gary unknowingly prepared me for my career now.

    Whenever I have to go into a studio to do ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) for film or TV, I walk in with my head held high and full of confidence because of the positive experiences I had with his support! I will always be grateful for everything Gary has done for me!”

  • Dr. Shaun Wallace

    Barrister, Author, Mastermind Champion  2004
    The "Dark Destroyer" on ITV"s The Chase

    “I was extremely impressed with the quality of Gary’s work and as a consequence, I engaged Gary’s services to take a series of photographs and to assist in the Creative Project Management promotional campaign via the use of social media platforms to relaunch my autobiography, Chasing The Dream.

    Throughout the whole shoot, Gary once again displayed all the hallmarks of consummate professional photographer, a talent that was self evident from his decision to take the images at an outdoor location as opposed to in a studio as he was of the view that natural light would enhance the quality of the images.

    Gary also showed how adaptable he is as a Creative Project Manager when the adverse weather conditions we encountered on the shoot could have resulted in the postponement of the shoot but instead, he selected a nearby suitable location under a bridge and the subsequent images that were taken were not compromised in terms of their quality.

    The image(s) that have been selected capture the very essence of the 

    objectives of the relaunch promotion campaign and will be the flagship image when it is released on various social media platforms and this has all been achieved by the quality of Gary’s work and professionalism.”

  • Babu Bhattacherjee

    Spotlight, Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods - Poplar Harca

    “After weeks of intensive work, on Saturday 31st January 2016, the professional swing/jazz/funk 20 piece band & vocalist Hot Orange Big Band came to Spotlight with dinner cooked fresh onsite by Papi’s Pickles.

    This was a ticketed celebration event – especially for our Spotlight, ACCENTS and Community Volunteers (who enjoyed a free dinner and drink as well as free access to the event) – as well as our staff and teams who delivered an awesome year of activities, services and events in 2014.

    This was the first time a big swing band had played Spotlight and was a great opportunity to see how the venue could work for gigs and larger public groups. It was an exciting and entertaining event which really set the bar for where we wanted to take this aspect of Spotlight as a creative arts space for young people. Gary did a great job for us putting the event together for us and giving us a clearer insight into the potential for our venue and our work.”


  • Dave Hammer

    Hot Orange Band Leader

    “GTK presentation was professional and well attended. He is an excellent communicator, friendly and a keen listener. Planning/Organisation – great liaison between creative teams as he is extensively networked. Gary established much of the liaison and communication needed for the live music/multi-media event. Our band were able to work effectively with the venue technicians and event planners.

    GTK helped us to make good contacts across a range of industry professionals. GTK is a facilitator who’s flexibility helped to minimise and/or overcome any expected challenges. With twenty musicians and equipment, he was most helpful in managing logistics. Gary is a well-connected professional in the creative industry. He works hard to see how best to provide what any client expects – efficient and courteous service as standard.

    This is exactly what we received on the night. For this occasion, GTK had approached Hot Orange to provide live music for a celebratory event for a performing arts venue at a local academy. The night involved two full live music sets, speakers, dining and exhibitions of creative/performing art. GTK was central to the undeniable success of the overall planning and particularly in liaising and coordinating on the night itself. 

    I would highly recommend Gary Thomas Kypa to anyone across a range of capacities from photography to creative liaison.”

  • John Saunderson

    Head of Management and Publishing at Ostereo.
    Was Head of A&R for Notting Hill Music.

    “I started the Networking Night at Tileyard way back in 2015. Gary has helped me since the very start. Reliable, professional and a very decent chap too. He is very much involved in all aspects of photography and videography campaigning for the event. He has secured me DOZENS of promotional photos in our industry bible MUSIC WEEK. I can’t recommend him enough.”